Cancellation Policy:
A refund on the deposit is made only if the camper's reservation is able to be
filled.  A Change Fee of $25  will be charged to any camper's date changes
or cancellations after the initial deposit is received.  This fee is paid at the
time the change is made.   If for medical reasons a camper must cancel, a
signed letter from the physician must be presented to Woodland.

All confirmations will be sent via email to the address you list on your
registration form.  Please make sure you check your email frequently
(including your spam filter) to make sure you get a confirmation.  They are
usually sent within a week of receiving and processing your registration.  

All summer camps have the same hours, Monday - Friday, from 9:00 - 4:00;
however, we gladly offer extended care. Parents may drop their children off
as early as 8:00 and pick them up as late as 6:00 for a small additional fee.  
Horsemanship Camp runs in 2-week sessions. Additional weeks may be

Woodland does have a refrigerator, but we suggest that campers should
bring their lunches in their own coolers. We suggest a well rounded lunch
with an afternoon energy snack and plenty of liquids (water is best, but juice
is also very good).  We also suggest that all campers should eat breakfast
before coming to camp. We have soda, juice and water machines and the
Tack Shop carries a variety of drinks and snacks. Parents should give their
children $2-$3 to spend in the Tack Shop if they desire.

Dress Code:
Campers should wear jeans or long pants, with a light-weight shirt or blouse,
all of which are suitable for riding and farm activities (campers will get dirty).  
It is also a good idea to send a jacket along.  Hard-soled boots are more
appropriate than sneakers. Campers must wear helmets whenever they ride.
For their safety, all campers must have their own helmets; they may buy them
at the Tack Shop for 10% off the regular price.
Woodland Horse Center
16301 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20905
301-421-9156          fax: 301-421-9049


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