Friday, March 3 – Working Student Orientation – 6pm.  For our new Working
Students…Katie R. will teach you all the things you need to know to begin working in the
barn.  Please come ready to do a little work    If you have not already done so, please fill
out the application forms and have them ready for Katie.  Thanks, and see you there!

Friday, March 10 – Working Student Clinic: Ground Work – 6pm.  For our current
Working Students, Katie R. will teach you more about the responsibilities and task
required to care for our horses and ponies.  This month’s topic is Ground Work and
gaining the horse or pony’s respect.  Please come dressed to work a little.  It will be fun!!  
Signup sheet is in the office.

Saturday, March 11 – Sitting Trot Clinic w/ Ashley – 5:30pm.  Having trouble sitting the
trot?  Can’t find that perfect balance of energy and rhythm?  Let Ashley help you improve
this important gait.  Open to riders level 1+ and up.  Cost is $45 per rider.  Signup sheet
is in the office.

Sunday, March 12 – Jumping 101 Clinic w/ Katy E. – 6:30pm.  Let Katy show you the
correct way to approach, take and depart from a jump.  Sometimes we just need more
practice and guidance to get the elements of jumping just right.  Let Katy help YOU!  
Open to students level 1+ and up.  Cost is $45 per rider.  Signup sheet is in the office.

Friday, March 24 – Western Dressage Clinic w/ Katie R. – 6pm.  This month’s topic is
Transitions.  We cannot ever stop working on improving our transitions.  Let Katie help
you improve your transitions with your horse for maintaining balance and energy.  Open
to students level 1+ and up.  Cost is $45 per rider.  Signup sheet is in the office.

Saturday, March 25 – Afternoon Trail Ride w/ Ashley (weather permitting) – 4pm.  This
afternoon trail ride will last approx. 1 1/2 hour leaving at 4pm.  Open to riders’ level 2 and
up.  All riders must be currently enrolled in classes at WHC and confident at the posting
trot in the open.  Cost is $60 per rider.  Signup sheet is in the office.  Ashley will approve
horse choices and make changes, if necessary, thank you.

Friday, March 31 – Hunter Pace Clinic w/ Ashley – 5:45pm.  Hunter Paces are so much
fun!!  Let Ashley teach you all about them.  Also, how to ride them correctly and safely.  
Open to students level 2 and up.  Cost is $$45 per rider.  Signup sheet is in the office.

COMING SOON…Adult Camp 2017: April 17-21.  Look for more information from your
instructors as the dates approach.  Registration forms are in the office.
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