Woodland's Certified Rider Program is for
riders who know how to ride but are not
interested in a traditional lesson program.

Here is how it works...
  • Call the Center at 301-421-9156 to
    schedule a Certified Rider Evaluation with
    Karen, Mary Beth or Tammy.
  • Once you have been "Certified" by a
    Woodland Instructor you must complete
    three successful on-site rides (1-hour
    each) with a supervising instructor.
  • If you pass your three on-site rides, you will
    be permitted to ride on-property and in the
    rings without  an instructor but within site of
    the rings and barns.

What must I know to pass?
  • You must be comfortable at the walk, trot,
    canter, take a small jump at the trot and be
    well-seated if your horse spooks.

What if I do not pass the Evaluation?
  • You may convert your Certified Rider
    Evaluation into a 1-hour lesson for an
    additional fee.  

What if all I want to do is Trail Ride?
  • You must pass your Certified Rider
    Evaluation and be enrolled in our Trail
    Lesson Program.
  • You must be with a Woodland Horse
    Center instructor at all times during a Trail
Certified Rider Evaluation - 30 minutes - $35
Convert your Evaluation to a full 1-hour lesson - additional $40
One of your first three supervised, 1-hour lessons - $75
1-hour Certified Ride AFTER your three supervised lessons - $60
1-hour Certified Trail Lesson with Instructor - $75
(Prices updated 8/20/12)
Sound interesting??  Call the Center to schedule your Certified
Rider Evaluation at 301-421-9156.
Woodland Horse Center
16301 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20905
301-421-9156          fax: 301-421-9049