Friday, May 5th – “Just Jump IT!!” Jr. Young Riders In-House Fundraising Show.  Let’s
help our young riders earn some money to they can get to the show.  There will be
equitation, jumping and Trail classes for all.  Cost per class is $15.  Upcoming Just
Jump It dates are…June 24, July 22 and August 12.  Should be fun!!

Saturday, May 6 – Annual Kentucky Derby Day Party – 5:30 PM.  We had a grand time
last year and had so much fun.  Lots of food, lots of families, and lots of horses!  The
Derby is always thrilling to watch, so come on out to the Center and join the festivities.  
Bring your favorite food to cook on the grill and a side dish to share.  Watch ‘em “Run for
the Roses” at Woodland!  Woodland’s Drill Team, “The Drill Bits”, will be performing and
then our horses will be challenging each other in our own competition after the Derby!  
Timed races sign-up sheet is in the office.  2016 was thrilling…watch what happens in

Saturday, May 13 - Horse Manners 101 with Erica - 6pm.  Have you ever felt a horse try
to push you around or try to intimidate you?  Let Erica help show you how to be a kind yet
effective leader for your horse in this very informative clinic.  An excellent clinic for our
newer riders so sign up soon!  Open to levels 1 and up, kids and adults are welcome.  
Cost is $45 per student and signup sheet is in the office.

May 13 & 14 – Semi-Annual Tent Sale at Anytime Tack!!  Huge discounts on horse
needs and rider apparel on Mother’s Day Weekend!!  

Saturday, May 27 - Competitive Trail Riding Clinic with Karen (PART 2 of 3) – 5:30 PM.  
Continue to build confidence in both you and your horse! In Part 2 of this three-part clinic,
you will learn how to correctly introduce our horses to unusual and/or horse-scary items
like tarps, mailboxes, balloons, umbrellas, sparkly things and more.  This is a 2-hour
clinic so be prepared to work into the evening.  Open to riders’ level 1+ and up.  Cost is
$70 per rider.  Sign-up sheet is in the office.  Clinic #3 will be a Mini-Competitive Trail
Course Challenge around the Center with judged obstacles and will be held in June.  

Saturday, May 27 – Jumping “Scary Things” with Ashley – 6:00pm.  Let’s help our
horses get accustomed to different looking jump!  We will build confidence in both horse
and rider!!  This clinic is open to riders C3 and up ONLY!!  Cost is $55 per rider and
signup sheet is in the office.

Monday, May 29 – Memorial Day Horse Show for Children and Adults – Adults start 9
AM, Children start 10 AM.
 Come join in all the fun!  Show off all your talent to your family
and friends as we put on our annual Show.  There are classes for EVERYONE!  Adults
start at 9 AM with “on the flat” classes (no jumping) then move on to jumping and trail
classes.  The young riders start at 10 AM with “on the flat “classes and then command,
jumping and trail classes.  Sign up notebooks are in the office.  Cost is $15 per class.  
Hope to see you there!  

Save the Date – First Annual In-House Combined Training/Dressage Show – June 10.  
Complete info will be coming soon and your instructors will be telling you all about it!

#woodlandhorsecenter   Let’s get our Social Media outlets working together!  If you are
active on-line, please use our official tag so new students or curious folks can get a
sense of what we are all about.  Thanks!!!

Summer Camp Registration is OPEN!!  FILLING FAST!!  2017 Summer Camp forms are
available on our web site and in the office.  FYI…Early Bird Camp is June 12-16.  Pony
Pals and Horsemanship Camps begin June 19!  Never too early to get your preferred
session so send in those forms!  See you there!!

Woodland’s Hours of Operation:  Our barn hours are Mon – Fri., 8 to 8 and Sat. – Sun.,
8 to 6.  Visitors, students, and working students should be picked up before the barn
closes.  Thank you.

Also, there are times when Woodland will cancel lessons because of other activities,
major holidays and inclement weather.  Lessons are always cancelled when
Montgomery County Snow Emergency Plan is in effect.  For those times, students will
call the Center (301-421-9156) to schedule a make-up lesson in a different class, but
appropriate-level class.  Instructors will help students pick a make-up class.  Students
MAY NOT credit missed lessons towards their next bill.  Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE…Children are not to be dropped at Woodland off unless they are
attending a lesson or are a working student or in camp.  Children must be picked up
within ½ hour of the end of a lesson.

Woodland’s Extreme Weather Policy:
Don’t forget to check our Weather Policy located on our web site (www.woodlandhorse.
com) for any cancellation of classes due to extreme conditions.  Up to the minute
announcements are found on facebook as well!

Woodland Dog Policy: Reminder.  All visiting dogs must be on leashes at all times.  
Thank you.

Lesson Payment:
Like all businesses on time payment for lessons is extremely important to our financial
status.  Our horses and staff count on your timely payments.  Please be sure to include
your child’s name on the check or credit card payment, especially if the name is different
from the parent’s name.

Our policy is that lessons are CONSECUTIVE and PREPAID in advance of the first
lesson.  Makeup lessons are to be made within 30 days of a missed lesson.  Thank

Year-Round Activities & Programs:
Equi-Lease - Woodland has a great program for students who want to ride more,
socialize more or just have more fun with people who have the same love for horses.
This program is perfect for those who want to own a horse but are not ready to take that
step.  Our goal is for you to learn what owning a horse is all about, but at the same time
have fun riding, taking lessons and enjoying trail riding more than once a week.  For
more information please see Katy.

Show Team - Show team for our young riders’ and adult rides’ and is an all year round
happening.  If you are interested in joining the Show Team, contact Ashley.  We are
limited in the number of riders for the Show Team, but we will try to have as many of you
as possible. Let them know of your interest and they will give you all the details.

Adult Dressage Team - Any adult who has even a slight interest in dressage and can
post the trot is welcome to join.  We ride every Friday night. For additional information,
contact Ashley C.

Adult Drill Team – Our Drill Team is for our “over 18” riders and is a lot of fun!   We ride
in patterns to music and present our drills at our In-House Shows and area events like
the Montgomery County Ag Fair!  We practice on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each
month.  Interested?  See Karen Parker for more info.

Working Student Program – Sally is the Program Manager for both the Working Student
Program and the Adult Grooming Program.  This program is available for all our
students (Adults and Children ages 8 and up).  She will train and explain your
responsibilities and give you the opportunity to work with the knowledgeable Barn
Managers.  This program is available to children and adults.

Adult Grooming Program –This is a super program for the adult that cannot commit to a
certain time every week, but would like to spend more time at Woodland and with
horses.  This is an excellent program, which will teach you how to groom and correctly
care for a horse.  After your training session, you can choose your own schedule to
groom and spend quality time with the school horses.
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