Riding Helmets - Wear One

Should you wear a helmet when you ride? The short answer is, "YES." Their comfort and style has
improved by leaps and bounds in the past 20 years.

Horse riding is a sport with a fair share of risks - you need to ensure your safety at all times. Falling
off your horse is always a possibility. One of the most important items of horse riding gear that is a
riding helmet. Concussions aren't fun, trust me.

Traditionally, riding helmets are associated with jumping. You need to wear a helmet even if you're
not jumping.

Different Designs

Horse riding helmets are available in many different designs to suit different types of heads.
They've also been designed to suit particular riding disciplines better. Whatever kind of horse riding
helmets you choose to wear, the primary concern for you when choosing them is that they will fit
your head well and they should conform to standards PAS 015 and even EN 1384.

Even though your helmet may not be able to prevent some very serious injuries from happening
under all conditions, they can still prove their worth most of the time. Your skull is a very delicate
part of your body and you need to ensure that you do not put it under any risk. Also, once you hurt
your skull, the chances of recovery are far less than say, when you break a bone in your arm or leg.

Riding helmets are especially useful if your head were to strike a hard surface such as a rock or
boulder and it could very well save your life for you. If helmet has become damaged due to a fall,
you must immediately replace it. Just consider the cost of a new one to be part of your sport. You
wouldn't use a damaged girth (or at least I hope you wouldn't) and likewise, don't use a damaged
helmet. That just gives the illusion of protection.

In addition, your horse riding helmets are things that are going to last only a few years because
their padding could wear off and even the helmet may become loose on your head which means
that you should replace them as soon as it becomes necessary.

The laws related to horse riding also require that children below the age of fourteen must wear a
riding helmet that is up to the latest safety standards every time they are out riding on a horse on
the road. Helmets are your protection that will ensure you’re riding safety and must be worn at all