Woodland Horse Center has a
wonderful program for home-schoolers.  
The parents and kids have a lot of fun
in the barn getting their child's horse
ready to ride.  The kids then have a
blast in their lesson.

One of the best thing about the
program is the extra time the children
get to spend with the horses after
class.  It's just like the horse is their very

Please call us the 301-421-9156 to
learn more about this great program.
Woodland Horse Center
16301 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20905
301-421-9156          fax: 301-421-9049

Home School
Lesson Costs:

Group Lessons,
$35 per lesson/
per student.

$45 per student
(Must be at least two
students or a closed
class of students)

Private Lessons,
$60 per student

(Price Increase effective
Registration Forms
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