Is leasing a horse for you?
from an article by Hillary Walker

Leasing a horse is a great way to experience taking care of and enjoying a
horse without the expense of buying it. It allows you to find out whether the
commitment of horse ownership is for you. Done correctly, leasing can be
very rewarding and potentially lead to buying the leased horse.

Before you lease, you need to have basic riding skills, know how to catch,
lead, groom and saddle him, as well as be aware of the fundamentals of
horse first aid. It is helpful to have an expert at hand to help you: horses are
a huge responsibility.

There are two types of lease: full lease and share-lease. It is usual with a
full lease for the lessee to pay for the horse’s board, shoeing and veterinary
care and be allowed to use the horse whenever desired.

The share-lease usually gives you three days per week to ride the horse,
and the costs of boarding him are divided between lessor (usually the horse’
s owner) and lessee. It is important to decide ahead of time when each party
will ride the horse, where he will be kept, who gets to ride him at which
shows and other events, and who pays for the horse’s veterinary and other
maintenance, and how much.

Additional points to cover in the lease contract include how long the lease is
for and what the notice of termination is. You may want to add an option to
buy at the end of the lease. Go to Lease Agreements http://aqha.equine.
com/help/legal.aspx for free lease documents plus instructions.

Leasing will give you the opportunity to get closer to a horse than is
possible with simply taking riding lessons. It will allow you the freedom to ride
more frequently and hone your equestrian skills while teaching you the ins
and outs of horse ownership before taking that leap and purchase your first
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