Woodland's Saddle Club Show Team is going strong!!

The Saddle Club Show Team was established in early 2012 for our after
school program members.

Karen Parker and Esther Wray are the coaches and ready to introduce
you to the world of showing!

If you are a member of Saddle Club and are curious about our team,
please speak to Karen or Esther.  We will be happy to tell you all about it.
2014 has started very strong!!  Our first show of the 2014 season was
April 14.  Emma, Evelyn, Lily and Rose did a great job and had lots of fun
too!!  So did parents and coaches!!!

Here are the results from the show...

MOHSS Hunter Jumper Show 4/13/14
Evelyn Coop
/Bubba/Mini Short:  3rd w, 2nd w/t, 1st versatility, 2nd trail

Lily Shirzad/Ruby/Short Stirrup: 1st w/t, 2nd w/t/c, 2nd combo, 2nd trail

Rose Leeger/Peso/Junior:  6th pleasure, 3rd command, 2nd pleasure o/f
                                4th trail

Emma Handelsman/Ruby/Junior:  6th pleasure, 5th command, 3rd trail
Woodland Horse Center
16301 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20905
301-421-9156          fax: 301-421-9049
The Saddle Club Show Team ended 2015 with very strong results!  
Here are some pictures from this years
Maryland Open Horse Show Series
(MOHSS).  The end of year banquet is coming and we hope it will be a very
exciting evening for everyone!


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