For the competitive enthusiast Woodland has five
teams.  Show Team, Dressage Team, Event Team,
Adult Drill Team and Saddle Club Show Team.

Our Show Team is composed of our young riders from 10 - 15 years and
competes in flat and jumping classes in a variety of horse shows around the
area.  There are approximately 17 - 20 young riders on the team.  The Junior
Show Team is quite successful and it is a great learning experience.  The
kids on the team form great friendships too.  Please see Danny Canter for
more information.  
"SHOW TEAM" MEMBERS!! A quick note from Coach
Danny... Please note that practice has begun for the 2015 show season. is required that you attend practice and to inform Coach Danny if you
have a conflict. Looking forward to a great year!!

Our Dressage Team is composed of both young riders and adults who show
in dressage in Potomac Valley Dressage Association-sponsored schooling
shows within the area. Our team is quite successful and many are high point
winners at the end of the show season.  Please see Ashley C. for more info.

Event Team is composed of both youth and adult riders and was
started at Woodland in 2007.  Please see Ashley C. for more information.

Saddle Club Show Team is for Saddle Club members interested in
taking their riding to the next level.  We will be showing at local shows in the
walk/trot classes.  Questions?  See Karen P. or Esther W. for more info.

Adult Drill Team was established in 2012 and is coached by Karen
Parker.  The team presents their drills at our In-House shows and other area

"I have made some of my closest friends at Woodland."

- Sammi W.
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